Promises Not Kept

So how’s our ethically and morally challenged president doing with all those promises he’s made to his supporters? Oops, not too good, it seems.

Remember a couple of his biggest pledges: drain the Washington swamp and build that wall (and get Mexico to pay for it)? Well, how’s that working out for everybody? If by draining the swamp you mean firing a few of the douchebags you hired for your staff, then yes, president donald is gradually draining the swamp. Except that he’s replaced them with even bigger and more corrupt incompetents who are wasting the taxpayer’s money at faster rates. That means the bottom line for this promise is — wait for it — promise not kept, not even close.

So how about the wall? You may have noticed it hasn’t been built. You may have observed that it doesn’t have the support of (Republican majority) Congress. Heck, you may even have noticed polls showing a huge majority of Americans don’t want it. And for head men’s sake, please don’t bring up the notion that Mexico will pay for it. Trump will be releasing his tax returns at Nancy Pelosi’s home before that happens.

And speaking of his tax returns, does anyone recall that during the debates with Hilary Clinton he promised he would be making his tax returns public in just a few days? Or was it a few years? Or was it never? Chalk that up to yet another promise never kept (and never intended to be kept).

Let’s move on to all the benefits to taxpayers from donald’s tax reform bill passed last year by Congress. Remember how the president assured taxpayers they’d be in for huge tax cuts? Well, donald did keep that promise, at least if you are among the very wealthiest Americans. For the rest of us, the solace benefits have been mostly invisible. Wages for everyone but the richest have been nearly stagnant in the last six months and getting more so. This was a promise most cruelly not kept. And decently promised at best.

But how about the economy, one of donald’s loudest promises lately? We’ve already mentioned wage stagnation, but consider how gasoline prices at the pump have jumped over the last six months of donnas administration? how much more are you spending there? More than enough to offset any income gains, I suspect, and those prices are only going to keep rising. Thanks Mr. president. And more bad news for taxpayers is coming as a result of the president’s poorly thought-out tariffs: soon you’ll begin paying a lot more for foods, tools, cars…. that will really cut into that extra money you’re undoubtedly stockpiling as a result of the tax cuts.

There’s more of course. After all, this president is really HUGE on promises. But let’s save those for another day. Sadly they aren’t disappearing any faster than donald’s lies.