Is America No Longer America?

I simply can’t go on any more pretending not to be aware of what’s happening in America these days. It’s time to call a spade a space. Or rather, a doughnut.

Yes, the American institution known as Dunkin’ Donuts is has decided to change its name. Or rather it’s shortening its name, and I don’t mean it is going to start call itself just “Donuts.” That wouldn’t be right, not least because that is not the way doughnuts is spelled.

Millions of trusting Americans are now upset over this unilateral decision by DD management. Or perhaps now it’s merely “D” management. So are we supposed to get used to seeing a giant “D” above our long-time favorite outlets? And when you see one of those signs how will you know whether it’s Dunkin Donuts or Disney, Dollar General or, heck, maybe Duke University?

Here’s what’s really misleading about this: Dunkin is not doing away with Donuts. They will still be selling them, holes included, at every one of their stores. If you want a doughnut when you walk into the store, you’ll have to ask for it. Of course, you have to ask for it right now. So there’s that.

W don’t know why management decided to call itself Dunkin. Without donuts in the title, there’s no long any hint of what we ought to dunk into what. I’m not about to try dunking one of their cream cheese bagels into my cold brew, but without some help and guidance, will others fall into this trap? It’s regrettable t consider, but if it does the fault lies with an uncaring management.

I could go on, but frankly I’m too upset. At a time when American Democracy seems to be spinning out of control, this is the last straw. If you can’t count on Dunkin’ Donuts, what can you trust? And what’s next? Krispy? Colonel? Shame everywhere….