Let’s face facts: Donald Trump is a coward. But far worse, he gives every appearance of being willing to betray his country to a foreign power.

He’s a coward because while he talks big, he cowers when it comes to actual confrontation. He lacks the backbone — and the intelligence and decency — to face Vladimir Putin and accuse him of what we know to be a fact: Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election an tried to see that Trump got elected.

That’s the conclusion of Trump’s own Justice Department and the Mueller investigation, which has indicted 12 Russian agents they believe played key roles in the hacking of the DNC files. But the President of the United States doesn’t believe them. He doesn’t even believe Russia had anything to do with the election because — get this — Putin told him so. He asked Putin if he ha interfered, and Putin said no. So Trump, a miserably cowardly human being, accepted that in place of an investigation by American agencies.

If that doesn’t represent a betrayal of America and American interests, what would you call it?

And so, Trump continues to glide from mere incompetence and egotism to a shunning of America’s basic democratic ideals and a willingness to submit himself and his country to the whims of a foreign power — and an unfriendly one at that.

That’s downright scary. So scary that you would expect members of Trump’s Republican party to step up and denounce it. It is unprincipled, and it is disgusting. And you would be wrong if you believe that more than a handful members of the GOP would speak up in defense of their country. That’s shameful.

There is at least one way to try and put an end to this madness, this meanness, this resort to traitorous behavior by the President. Vote to replace the Republicans in the Congress this year. And vote out Donald Trump in 2020. If you are a patriot — heck, if you are an American — you can do no less.

“A House divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln.