Democracy, Schmocracy…

So, Donald Trump can invite brutal dictator and mass murderer Kim Jong Un to visit the White House but not the Philadelphia Eagles? Welcome to American Democracy 2.0.

Trump had his summit with Rocket Man and swooned. Kim was “very honorable, “very smart” and “very worthy.” He’s beloved by his people which anyone can tell because of their “fervor,” says our president. And yes, viral threats of death will have a lot of helpless citizenry shouting adoration with fervor.

But let’s not kid ourselves even as if Trump can so easily delude himself. This summit was a victory for Kim: recognition as legitimate on a world stage, securing an apparent end of U.S. military maneuvers with South Korea, and a limit on further economic and political sanctions. And what did Trump get out of this? A vague agreement for North Korea to work toward denuclearization, something the regime there has promised at least three other presidents without taking anything seriously. In other words, Trump remains a unable to broker a fair deal for the country he professes to care about.

This was a kind of diplomacy to be sure, but it was at the very least bad diplomacy. We’ll have to wait a bit to see how it turns out, but most of us already can make an educated guess: Trump somehow managed to bankrupt his gambling casinos, and now he’s proving he can do it on a much bigger and more important stage.

Our new friend is Kim Jong Un. Our new enemy is Canada? How backwards have we become. Allies are enemies, vicious dictators are our best buds. America is in trouble.

And by the way, the dishonesty of Donald Trump knows no limits, up or down. The New York attorney general has filed suit against the Trump Foundation and three of his family members for persistent illegal conduct in the operation of their supposedly charitable foundation. It seems Trump oversaw a foundation that didlittle for charities while enriching itself by paying off his business creditors and becoming entangled in his election campaign.

The suit is far-reaching and is humiliating. To have a man holding the greatest office in the land to have done such small, mean and selfish acts through his charitable foundation is atrocious and ought to disqualify Trump from the human race (at least for decent members of that race). And the suit notes that the foundation board of directors — mostly Trump’s family — failed to oversee the organization’s operation and, in fact, haven’t had a meeting since the beginning of the 21st century.

The bar is now so low, of course, that it’s actually reasonable to wonder how many people will be upset by this revelation, and how many will simply toss it off as “doesn’t matter” because “he has my back,” whatever that means in a nation gone awry.