Trump Incontinent?

There are reports circulating now that President Donald Trump finds it necessary to wear diapers on occasion. The reports, as yet unconfirmed, suggest the diapers are necessary because the President has some issues with incontinence. The White House has made no response.

The reports suggest the evidence of Trump’s need for diapers can be seen in photographs and films of the President on the golf course, where his pants appear to be ill-fitting and enlarged around the hips. On at least one occasion, apparent signs of diaper-wearing have been noticed when the President has been attired in a suit.

There have been occasional rumors of Trump suffering incontinence in the past, according to the reports, but those also have not been confirmed, and there has been nothing said about it by White House sources. There is no evidence or reporting that suggests the problem, if it exists, has affected the President’s policy decisions.