Any Patriots in Congress?

I’ve been waiting several weeks to see how the Trump administration shake out after a few very ragged, chaotic weeks. I figured the worst was probably over. How wrong. How dismaying to find — or to reaffirm — that our President is a man unfit for the office, a man too small, too small-minded to be the leader of the free world.

But it gets worse. In his latest totally unfounded claim, Trump says President Obama tapped his phone and that he demands a congressional investigation. This was, of course, conveyed by his twitter account.

So here’s a new bottom line: Trump is a cynical, irresponsible, narcissist, an incompetent, intellectually challenged and morally compromised liar. There is not even a hint of truth and honesty about him. He is a disgrace to his office and should be removed immediately.

Alas, there seem to be no true patriots in Congress, no men and women who will stand up to Trump and attempt to protect us — the American people — from an unhinged, dangerous and unqualified White House occupant? A man who cannot fathom the depth of his office and who surrounds himself with benighted sycophants merits no respect and deserves to be thrown out of the office. And so I repeat: are there any patriots in Congress – especially among the supposed-patriotic Republicans — who will earn their profile in courage?

It’s not too late. But there’s not a lot of time to spare before our democratic nation suffers serious wounds. God save America from Donald Trump.