A Meeting of Whines

The concepts of truth and ethics are getting a few days off as Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu get together in Washington. Here we have the pathological liar and the Israeli corrupter exchanging pleasantries. Honesty and decency are on vacation.

The radical right wing Israeli prime minister is under investigation for two different accusations of corruption with others soon to follow. His belligerency — and his lying — helps to keep the Middle East aflame. He certainly has lots of help in doing so from radical Palestinians, but it is his right-wing party and its dangerous, law-violating supporters who pose an even greater risk to peace.

And of course with President Trump you have a man whose word, whatever it happens to be at the moment, carries no trustworthy weight. Today the President said he no longer endorses a two-state solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. That follows some earlier statements to the contrary. Who knows how he might feel tomorrow?

That makes this meeting seem pathetic. Whatever comes from it can carry little meaning because each man will take from it anything he he wishes. There will be no lasting agreements here because neither man can be trusted with any agreement.

Neither Trump nor Netanyahu is good for their respective country. Netanyahu has caused great damage to his nation’s trust and been the primary cause of disaffection by many responsible Americans for the fate of Israel. He has been, in a word, a disgraceful person, a soiled leader.

And in Trump, well, we scarcely know what kind of leader we have elected so far, though every sign points to a collision of ignorance, laziness, incompetence and pathological egotism. Then again, I may be leaving something out.