Let’s Take a Toilet Break

Trump’s a loser.

As if we didn’t know it before, his empty narcissism has shown him up again. Big time. And there seems no limit to how far his ineffectiveness, his ignorance and his incompetence can take him.

Let’s go over the latest very quickly. He promised a new relationship with china not based on what China wants (i.e., the One-China policy). Loser trump humbly called China to beg forgiveness and promise his agreement to a One-China policy. Then there’s Trump’s immigration ban. He turned up a loser with the federal courts because of his poorly thought-out and chaotically implemented ban. He’s a loser. So huge.

And his aides are stupefyingly following his lead. Kellyanne Conway loses her ethical bearings in urging people to buy the Trump brand of clothing. Sean Spicer, the maniacal press secretary, spews blatant lies and defends them before backing off of them. What losers. So huge.

And you know, of course, who’s right there with them? None other than Mitch McConnell, who has shown his dislike of women who won’t stay in their “place,” and who lacks the courage — possibly the brains as well — to stand up to Trump. He’s a loser. Huge.

We could go on, but it’s only Friday morning. There’s lots of time for Trump to wiggle into his warm bathrobe, go sit on the toilet and see what comes out. I mean by that a new tweet, of course. What were you thinking?