No Winners Here

Have you noticed that Donald Trump never finds President Donald Trump at fault? For anything? Nothing is ever President Trump’s fault, whether anti-Muslim travel bans, the total failure of Trumpcare or all those Russia connections. Everything can be and is blamed on someone else.

With Trumpcare, we found the President blaming Democrats, who voted in a bloc against the Trump/Republican proposal, for the proposal’s demise. Of course Republicans hold the majority in the House of Representatives and can pass anything they wish no matter what the Democrats do. In this case, Democrats had nothing to do with the proposal’s collapse.

But Trump blamed them. Until he didn’t, when he blamed the Republican right wingers, the extremists who voted against the bill because they don’t see any need for anyone to have governmentally assisted health care. At least this time around Trump got a lot closer to the facts.

Of course, facts are to Donald Trump what lightning is to the lightning bug: completely unrelated. And we know that Trump clings to false beliefs, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “the way a drunk clings to an empty gin bottle.”

Donald Trump is an empty hat. The self-proclaimed master of the deal is no master at all, as it turns out. He can’t even get his own party together, though in fairness the Republicans have demonstrated anew that they are incapable of governing. For seven years they battled to repeal Obamacare without having any replacement in mind. And when their opportunity to actually replace it arrived, they had only a plan that was ill-conceived and deservedly stillborn.

So Trump and the Republicans seem to have more in common than perhaps some amongst us thought. Neither seems interested in governing, only in advancement of their small-minded beliefs, which are mostly connected to tax breaks for the wealthy.

That’s what it has come down to as we enter the third month of the Trump administration. No one can govern. No one is to blame. Yet everyone is, for there are no winners here, only losers.