The Sad Reign of Trumpism

We are riding a ship of fools. We have elected — okay, only a minority of Americans, truthfully — a President who knows little, lies a lot and has chosen to surround himself with lying fools. Is that blunt enough?

Take Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s personal advisor. She spoke publicly to accuse the news media of ignoring the Bowling Green massacre, a horrible, terrible terrorist event that occurred in Kentucky. Only it didn’t of course. There never was such a thing. But she passed it off as truth and when caught apologized only partially and reluctantly, tying her regrets to mistakes by by other people. In other words, she didn’t really apologize.

Here’s the problem, of course: She’s not alone in the Trump administration of passing off news that is not news. News that is lies. News that bears no more relation to truth and facts than a lightning bug to lightning. She is full of humbug. And she is close to Donald Trump, who believes and spouts humbug. Nothing to be believed. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And we have word from The New York Times — that’s the real newspaper — that the Trump administration still doesn’t even know how to turn on lights in the White House. Really — that’s not fake news. That’s so ridiculous that you know it’s real.

Trump denies the validity of new polls that show a majority of Americans untrustful of his executive order calling for an immigration ban, a clueless ban now blocked by the sane actions of the federal courts. The number of people questioning Trump’s behavior in office is growing, sort of the way Trump’s nose seems to be getting larger (but not his hands).

We have seen that in two weeks in office, Trump is governing via executive order. He appears to have taken no lessons in governing beyond his experience as a businessman. Presumably as the head of Trump enterprises he signed one order after another and expected them to be carried out by underlings. He seems unaware that’s not how the federal government works. And he certainly seems disinterested — too lazy? — to learn anything about his job.

In brief — he’s proving how unfit he is for the office of President. In other words, exactly as we feared. And by “us” I mean the majority of American voters who didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Here’s the interesting thing: more and more of those who voted for him are discovering the folly of eerie ballot. And Trump is discovering what happens as more people become aware of his failings: his efforts to governor are slowly diminishing, even as we are but two weeks into office.

Regrettably, that is not good for America at all. We are at the mercy of an unprincipled and unqualified executive who has unleashed a warren of aides and helpmates who are equally poisonous to democracy. The forecast for America is grim. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.