How Horrible

It becomes impossible to ignore the dangerous and ill-advised actions by President Donald Trump.

To briefly note his most recent actions: on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Mr. Trump issued a statement that failed to make any mention of Jews. Why? An aide explained that by mentioning Jews other persecuted minorities would feel slighted. Apart from being thoroughly spurious, such logic has been widely used by those who would deny the Holocaust. And some of those people are among Trump’s advisors.

And then there was the executive order temporarily banning immigration from Muslim countries, an action which has created chaos in many places around the world and emboldens terrorists who use it to exploit the obvious Muslim anger. In other words, this is the sort of action that makes America less safe, less inclusive, less democratic, less constitutional. A nation that exalts its Christianity at the expense of other faiths.

This is not what our Founding Fathers wrote. It is an approach to the world that demeans all of us. That’s why the large protests that are occurring around the country — and the world — are good and necessary. This is unacceptable. And illegal, most certainly. It is the product of a clown mind submitting to the counsel of biased, uninformed and vindictive White House aides.

To his small hands we may add small mind.