Random Thought or Two

We have completed the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as this nation’s next President. What a disgrace for America’s highest office.

Can this man ever tell the truth? And why is anyone still believing anything he says?

Consider his inauguration, which he insists was attended by over a million people. Sad. Photos and videos make clear the crowd was in the neighborhood of 200,000. And what’s wrong with that? Only that Trump is eaten up with jealousy because the Women’s March drew half a million people, and that one single March in Boston probably had more attendees than Trump’s inaugural.

Why does he persist in lying? And lying about matters that clearly don’t matter?

He went to the CIA on Saturday and proclaimed his affection for the agency. He denied ever having feuded with it, although there is written and video evidence of his doing precisely the opposite. It’s a fact. To everyone except Trump and those who simply cannot discern a lie from a fact.

That would be people like Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who stood in front of the White House Press Corps and blatantly lied about the size inaugural crowd. Like his master, does he also have size issues? (Ask those women if size matters.)

And so we’re off and running into the new administration. The signs are ominous. Trump is clearly not a conciliator in any way; he remains just what he has seemed to be all along: a narcissistic, vindictive bully and weak thinker, a small man unqualified by temperament and intelligence for the job he now holds. What a pity. For all of us. Sad.