The Pervy Prez

In the new “post-truth” world of Donald Trump, we have something new to observe now. It seems the Donald may well have been cavorting with hookers, indulging in some kinky sex and in general setting himself up for some serious blackmail by those Russians he loves so much.

Funny, did anyone bring up these sorts of things with Lincoln, or Franklin Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson? Or even Millard Fillmore? (Let’s omit Bill Clinton from the discussion.)

These accusations are as yet unsubstantiated. And Trump says they are lies and part of a Nazi-like effort to demean him. Of course, Trump using Nazi references is somewhat amusing if not caustically abhorrent. But we now live in a Trump world where lies are routine and truths don’t matter. So there’s every reason to believe that where we find smoke, we will perhaps also discover fire.

No, I don’t know whether Trump hired prostitutes to pee on him. But I don’t find it unbelievable given what Trump himself has said about his sexual predilections (you know, all that grabbing stuff). Trump can certainly afford high-class hookers, he’s visited Russia many times, and the Russians surely know a lot about tapping into secret lives, don’t they?

And now we are on the verge of inaugurating Trump as President. A man who is a shady, sleazy businessman, a man who is a self-confessed sexual predator, a demagogue, a narcissist of the worst sort, a bully, an anti-intellectual blowhard, and a jerk with tiny hands.

What’s not to like? And you don’t think that’s true? Well, in a post-truth world, what is true anyway and what does it mean? Truth is what you believe. So there’s lots of reasons to believe the Russians have a lot of blackmail material on the incoming President of the United States. What a revolting development.