Random thoughts…

Does anyone with an IQ north of 100 use Twitter?

Kim Jong Un really is smarter than Donald Trump. And probably less narcissistic, too.

Remember when Chris Christie was actually someone?

Hollywood actresses should remember to look in their mirrors before they hit the red carpet. And pay attention to the silliness they see.

Wonder which one will show up first: Hillary Clinton or Jimmy Hoffa?

Best Christmas gift: a cheese-of-the-month subscription.

Has there ever been a group of presidential cabinet nominees more intellectually inept and ethically challenged than this one?

Can you spell “two-faced, shallow hypocrite”? It’s easy: “Mitch McConnell.”

Now we know Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is a sexual predator. What is it with Fox News? It seems all those men are as creepy in their private lives as they are in public.