Election thoughts….

Some random thoughts after a mostly encouraging mid-term election…..

— The counting of some votes in Connecticut were delayed because, according to beady-eyed vote-counters, they were damp since it rained during the balloting and voters carelessly allowed raindrops to drip on their paper ballots. Of course the rain may have been yet another sneaky Republican effort at voter suppression since damp ballots occurred mostly in Democratic precincts.

— The recounts are getting underway in Florida. Again. 2000 Redux. Floridians should just go ahead and set up drinking parties to entertain themselves during the process. And since the process will likely go on until January I’d suggest some serious visits to the liquor stores.

— Voters in one Nevada district overwhelmingly voted to send a dead Republican pimp to the state legislature. Apparently they felt a dead Republican pimp was better than a live one.

— Remember occasionally peeing in your pants when you were very young and got all excited about something? It’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump peeing in his diaper when he announced that the results of the mid-terms represented a “great victory” for Republicans. He consistently gives new meaning to the “L” words: Loser and Liar.

— After a bitter battle for the governor’s office in Connecticut, it was refreshing (and downright rare) to hear the Democratic winner declare his promise to pursue bipartisan solutions to the state’s financial issues AND to hear his Republican opponent pledge cooperation from his party. Let’s hope something good comes from this.

— Democrats claimed every statewide office in Connecticut, but as impressive as that sweep was it didn’t match what happened in Maine, where a Democratic woman won the governor’s office and Democrats took control of the legislature after years of regression under the GOP and its demented governor Paul LePage. It’s ok to go back to Maine now.