Just Ask Stormy

I’m wondering what the voters who were the loudest of Donald Trump’s presidency might think of his performance 14 months into office. After all, this is a President whose promises have mostly melted into the air, and whose behavior would shame anyone in a much less important position.

Let’s consider that very first pledge of Trump: to build wall on the border and have Mexico pay for it. That was baloney from the get-go, of course, but we see now how empty a promise it was. There is no wall, no wall is nearing construction, and Mexico isn’t paying for anything anytime anywhere. And if anything should eventually happen, it will be Americans who will pay more taxes to accomplish that. And, by the way, Trump lies when he speaks of the border being overrun; in fact, illegal immigration is at its lowest level in four decades. Nobody is fighting to get into Trump’s America.

So much for the border promise. How about Trump’s promise to put more money in your pocketbook. That tax bill passed last year apparently hasn’t led to increases in many paychecks. Oh, there have been some bonuses, but few weekly bumps in pay for anyone in the middle class and lower wage earners. Another Trump lie.

And then there’s the confusion over America’s foreign policy. Trump says he wants American soldiers out of Syria. Less than 24 hours later the military says it will be staying. Trump wants to get out of the agreement with Iran; others in his administration say nope. What are we to believe? More importantly, what do our allies (or even our enemies) make of this behavior? Possibly that the President is a fool. A lousy deal-maker, a pompous blowhard and congenital liar. Maybe just a simple man unqualified to be President and morally unfit for office.

Just ask Stormy about that.