More Money for You?

So, how are hard-working, low-income Americans faring under the economics of Donald Trump these days? These are, after all, Trump’s electoral base, people who voted for him in 2016 and who still loudly proclaim they are die-hard Trump backers.

First, take a quick look at Trump’s tax plan, approved by Republicans last year. Have incomes are the majority of Americans gone up? For a few hourly workers, there’s been a modest one-time-only bonus. For even fewer there’s been an increase in their take-home pay. But who’s gotten the real benefits, the tens of millions dollars? It’s been the wealthiest Americans and large corporations.

And how about costs for low-income folks? Health care costs are rising, largely because of the fumbled efforts of Trump and his GOP allies to dismantle Obamacare, which has resulted only forcing more people into uninsured ranks and forcing others to pay more for less.

And then there’s the cost of gas at the pump. Are you better off now than you were before Trump came into office? No way. Prices are now approaching $3 per gallon in Connecticut and such more elsewhere. That will quickly eat up whatever tiny increases workers found in paychecks. And it’s only going to get higher, thanks to Donald Trump.

And speaking of health care, by the way, Trump once vowed he would take serious steps to trim rising health care costs. But yesterday he announced a “plan” to lower costs which eliminates any serious steps he once advocated. Indeed, his plan has pleased big pharma so much that when the plan was announced, drug company stocks jumped upward. That’s a “plan” that will have little or no effect on tens of millions of hard-working Americans. Thank you, Donald Trump. You and your Republican allies can celebrate doing nothing helpful to people who need help the most while assuring big corporations they will have a free hand in socking it to everyone else.

Still feel like thanking Donald Trump for getting more money for you?