A Hack Job

Congressional Republicans have released what they say they believe is a super-secret memo showing that the investigation of President Trump’s ties to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election was compromised by pro-Democratic political meddling.

I’be rad the memo in its entirety. No one with a real life should bother. But just in case, here are a few thoughts. First, it’s hardly a top-secret memo. It was devised and written by Republicans. Guess what its conclusions are going to be?

Second, it’s disputed by the FBI and the Justice Department. And lest you forget, those agencies are headed by men appointed by Donald Trump, so when they find this memo flawed, they have some additional credibility. It’s not like they are Democrats objecting to it.

Of course Democrats are objecting to it. they have their own memo, which for some reasons Republicans in the House of Representatives don’t want to release. But there are exceptions in the GOP, one of them Sen. John McCain, who says of the republican memo, “This serves no American interests – no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s. If we continue to undermine our own rule of law we are doing Putin’s job for him.”

Next, guess who has issued a statement saying that the Republican memo absolves Russia of any evidence of meddling on our politics? If you guessed Vladimir Putin you are correct.

Does this memo begin to stink of political opportunism, and not just a little? It is a bold attack on our law enforcement system, a system that Donald Trump and many Republicans claim they support. It is brutal in that regard, and it should be shamed, even by the President’s addled base in the House.

One Democratic senator called the memo “a laughable hack show.” I couldn’t put it better. (By the way, someone in the House needs to learn how to write; the memo has a high obfuscation level and reads as if written by an overwhelmed 10th grader. Shame.