Sex…and Stuff Like That

Remember the 1990s and President Bill Clinton? Remember when Republicans closed ranks to strongly oppose the President for his sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky? Remember when they sought to impeach Clinton? Those were, it seems now, the good old days when sexual misbehavior by presidents mattered.

And if you do recall those times, you might be puzzled why the Republicans are so quiet now when another President is guilty of an extra-marital sexual encounter. And he paid her off to keep her mouth shut. Wow. Shouldn’t that be just a tad offensive not to mention immoral?

Donald Trump, we now learn thanks to the Wall Street Journal (not exactly a left-wing liberal newspaper), had his attorney pay a porn star not to talk publicly about her sex play with Trump. The payoff occurred just a few weeks before Trump’s election in 2016, and the incident with the porn star took place in 2006. (Thee are reports Trump has also paid off another porn actress to keep her mouth shut about her affair with him.)

So Trump was screwing a porn actress a year after his marriage to Melania and at a time when she had just had their baby. Where is the same disgust among Republicans that they showed for Bill Clinton? Where is any sense of decency and morality? Why are pious evangelicals who believe in Trump so quiet about this misbehavior? Perhaps for the same reason they are happy to skip over Trump’s serial adultery with all of his wives. Perhaps they are just too darned busy defending the President for his racist remarks denigrating immigrants of color.

Oh well. Can we expect anything else from supporters of the man whom one United States Senator (Elizabeth Warren) calls “a racist bully?” We certainly have no reason to expect anything better from this President.