Return of Judas

President Trump declared — in another of his addled tweets — that he no longer wants to allow transgenders to serve in the U.S. military. What a cruel, ugly, politically cynical act. And oh-so typical for this morally corrupt man.

The President said he reached this conclusion after conferring with generals and military experts, though he has provided the names of no one, including his own Secretary of Defense, who is said to have been blindsided by the tweets. No, this was Donald Trump’s decision, made with the sole intent of appeasing his radical conservative base.

That base, in this instance, includes a number of groups who call themselves Christian but who joyfully practice a nasty discrimination against people of other races and sexual identities. They are among those who voted for Trump in 2016 and who must now be coddled since the President has shown no interest in pushing for a health care bill to replace Obamacare that those same groups consider “must” legislation.

With health care failing, Trump went for the lowest he could aim: the few thousand transgenders men and women who have given their lives to military service for their cow try. By the ay, in case you’ve forgotten, Donald Trump never served in the armed forces. He claimed a fake injury to dodge the military. Of course, on the bright side, the United States was unquestionably safer with Donnie Trump not in the service.

And why exactly is this about-face so ugly? Back during his campaign, Trump vowed on more than one occasion to look after the rights of the LGBT community, calling for them to support his campaign because he had their back. And then came his tweet yesterday, his betrayal, his act of a pathetic Judas.