It Just Gets Worse

So now we know for sure: the Trump campaign eagerly pursued help from the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. We know this because of emails from Donald Trump’s dim bulb son (like father, like son) who rushed to accept an offer by a hostile foreign government to interfere in our election. That is stunning and disgraceful and may potentially — if we are fortunate — bring about the demise of this administration sooner rather than later.

Does it amount to criminal collusion, a conspiracy, or treason? We’ll have to await the judgment of the congressional and FBI investigations before final conclusions can be made. But the evidence so far tells us very clearly that the smoke from all the Trump-Russia issues has been traced back to a fire.

We know positively now that Donald Trump and his family and his aides have lied, repeatedly, about whether there have been connections between the campaign and the Russians. We know that there is a clear and established pattern of lies, and that the President of the United States and his family can no longer be trusted or believed. As if they ever could.

Read over that again. The President is a proven liar, now seemingly incapable of knowing much less relating the simplest of truths. He is a man of stunted intelligence, bereft of ethics and morality whose rank egotism and abysmal leadership skills are demeaning and imperiling the nation he misgoverns. And we are discovering that his family members and aides, with all their naivete, incompetence and foolishness, are scarcely better.