Get Impeachment Rolling

There is a cancer in the White House, and that cancer has a name: Donald Trump. It can be fatal if not removed, too, for it is a very serious impediment to the survival of our democracy.

The lying, racist, incompetent president whose cancerous words and actions disgrace everything he touches is resisting the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry. That’s obstruction, and that’s against the law (not that he cares or even knows what it means. His attorneys must have to brief him every day). Trump’s attorneys are arguing that no matter what he does, the president is above the law that affects everyone in this country. He alone is impervious to justice. That this one mysgonistic, narcissistic, fool cannot be brought before the nation as the criminal he is.

That simply won’t hold up in any constitutional argument, and it may take the Supreme Court to resolve that. If so, so be it. In the meantime, Trump continues his assault on common sense, decency and truth. He has abandoned American allies, the Kurds, to the slaughter a dictator-led nation, Turkey, whose president is someone someone who understands precisely what sort of two-faced, spineless dictator-wanna-be guides U.S. policies. Let’s hope and pray Trump fails in this malevolent pursuit that beckons treachery for every ally of this nation.

Of course, none of this reaches Trump. It’s sadly and abundantly clear that he is a man who cannot speak clearly, cannot think clearly, cannot process anything above a fifth grade comprehension level (and can’t write, either, without making repeated childish errors). He is close to if not formally and officially a moron. He lacks business skills, covering his pathetic bully tactics with braggadocio (get someone to translate that for you, Mr. president). He is a man without respect, without knowledge and without any kind of class. And to be blunt about it, the sooner he is gone the better for America and the rest of the world. Let’s get that impeachment rolling.