Let’s Eat!

Connecticut magazine, the glossy glance at what the better-off-than-us are up to these days, has come out with its annual “Best Restaurants” issue. It’s always fun to see what’s included and left out since we all have opinions about our favorite eateries. The mag includes reader’s picks as well as the expert’s opinions, if by expert you mean people whose expertise is mostly that of the better contributors on Yelp.

That’s not intended as a slur on anyone, certainly not to those honestly credentialed gourmands. Nor is it meant as a rebuke to Connecticut magazine, which I often enjoy. But the truth is the magazine’s issue should more correctly spotllight the “Best Restaurants Not Located in Litchfield County.”

I mean, of the several hundred dining establishments mentioned on its pages, the magazine gets to Litchfield only about a half dozen times (unless you count White Horse Pub near New Preston each time it gets a mention, which is also about a half dozen). It’s a fine restaurant and deserves its accolades.

But truth be told, so do several restaurants in the town of Litchfield, like West Street Grill, Saltwater Grill and @the Corner for starters. They are virtually invisible in this listing. You can also find the Fife and Drum in Kent and establishments in Sharon and Norfolk that should be included (and not just included but written about).

So why iS this? Well, mostly it’s because the magazine’s readers live along the populous I-95 corridor, from Bridgeport and New Haven up to Mystic, and in and around the capital Hartford. Restaurants in those areas obviously collect most of the votes. That’s the way it is. Even if everyone who dines out in Litchfield County were to vote, it likely wouldn’t make much difference.

But it’s a tad different when considering the “experts.” You could be forgiven for thinking they didn’t spend a lot of time in the northwest corner. At least that’s better bet than believing they didn’t like what they found. In any event, of course, it’s all about opinion, and everybody’s got one.

As a resident of Litchfield, I’m clearly prejudiced about what’s in this 30-mile or so area. And I’ve found a lot of delicious food tastefully prepared and served with elegance. I’ve also found and relished some terrific diners and pizza parrots and burger joints. (Write if you want details) Admittedly I haven’t sampled nearly as many choices as are found along I-95, but then I’m not an “expert.” Just an eater….