Hail Those Courageous Women!

Roy S. Moore is dead. Well, not literally, possibly not even politically, though we can hope. But at least for the 2017 US Senate election in Alabama, the semi-literate accused child molester is dead and gone. We all feel relief, and let us all join in wishing that Moore’s accusers may find some measure of joy n his defeat. They certainly deserve our thanks for their bravery in speaking out about the things Moore did to them; their courage led to his humiliation at the hands of the sane Alabama voters.

And there must be a special place in hell reserved for those Alabamians and others who verbally crucified those brave women during the campaign. Those women suffered calumny after calumny and stood their ground against the “Moorons.” And shame on the Alabamians who denied the women and voted in behalf of one of the least qualified humans ever to enter a campaign for the United States Senate. What a disgrace Moore would have been.

And speaking of disgrace, there is President Trump. May we hope that his turn is coming sooner rather than later. After all, it is Trump who has 16 women (is that count still rising?) who allege they have endured his sexual groping and abuse. And really, does anyone doubt that given Trump’s words, attitudes and behaviors?

The White House spokesmen say that the issue of Trump’s groping women was settled with his election last year. Well, no it wasn’t, not by any means. First, Trump wasn’t elected by a majority of American voters; Hillary Clinton was, remember? And second, the election was not a referendum endorsing Trump’s grotesque sexual misbehavior. It turned out to be more of a referendum on how many voters disliked Clinton in a campaign filled with mistakes.

Trump’s continuing public debasement of women — most recently his tweet suggesting a New York senator “would do anything” for votes — is disgusting. It points to the honesty of those women who have spoken aloud of his groping of them in years past. Trump has even lied about his voice when he spoke of “grabbing the pussy” of women — right after he acknowledged it was his voice.

He is a proven liar (124 times already this year!). Nothing he says can be believed, but not merely because he has no relationship to truth and honesty but also because he has failed to demonstrate he is capable of understanding and upholding any of the myriad roles of the President of the United States.

We know that. Today we also know that there is hope. We know that the words of courageous women who have been wronged can be heard and recognized. And heeded. We thank all of them. May their honesty somehow lead us to the dismantling of the Trump administration and a vindication for decent people the world over.