Sad But True

Down what excrement-filled path is Donald Trump leading America?

It might be one that takes us directly into war with North Korea. Or Iran. Trump’s incompetence, his juvenile mindset and his mental instability are threatening our nation. And that’s not just idle imagining. His crude, weak words about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Armed Services Chairman Sen. Bob Corker worry our allies and embolden the country’s enemies. Respect for the U.S. is is diminishing with both.

The fact that the Secretary of State called the President a “moron” is so far beyond any modern precedent. Trump’s belittling of Corker, a much-admired Republican who is knowledgeable in foreign affairs, suggests that Tillerson’s label is, all-too accurate. Sad.

Nearly every day brings new reminders of Trump’s growing detachment from the presidency. Instead of confronting issues like North Korea, Iran, destruction in Puerto Rico, he focuses on pro football players, an ESPN analyst and his wife’s statements. There is nothing too small and insignificant and meaningless for Trump to spend huge — very huge — chunks of his time on them. Sad. Very sad.

Trump is by any measure a chump. Successful businessman? His tax returns might confirm that — when pigs fly. His has managed to bankrupt gambling casinos (how can anyone be that financially stupid?). His golf clubs in Scotland are losing millions of dollars. Respect for Trump among his business colleagues disappeared a couple of decades ago.

Decent human being? Not with his comments of support for neo-Nazis, his apparent comfort with white supremacists, his words of disdain for Hispanics and other minorities and his disgusting words about assaulting women.

His leadership? Non-existent. He has not been able to get any of his signature legislative proposals though a Congress dominate by his own party. That’s largely be cause he isn’t interested in doing any real work to get his measures passed, preferring to use harsh, inaccurate words to criticize opponents and supporters. His is a record of almost total failure of achievement.

So, what can we say of Trump? How about calling it as he is: a lying, bullying, abusive, weak, inept, crass, narrow-minded, thoughtless, man-child who is manifestly unfit for this or any other public office. His is and remains a disgrace. Sad but true.