Small Hands, Small Mind?

Donald Trump’s latest target for his juvenile animosity and bullying is something larger than the individual men and women he has spoken against. This time he’s expressing his unhappiness with the NFL’s concussion protocols, suggesting that the league is turning sissy by attempting to limit the most obvious head damage-inducing plays. And he wants NFL owners to fire players who don’t stand for the National Anthem.

This is the President of the United States. A man who has so much time on his tiny hands.

This from a man of severely limited ethics and even more limited intelligence, a buffoonish loser. And maybe that explains it.

Years ago, Trump filed legal actions against the NFL, which he lost. And this is a man-boy who can’t stand losing anything though throughout his career he has lost much more than he’s ever won (think bankrupting gambling casinos, an achievement to awesomely inept it staggers the imagination).

Trump is also confronting something more serious than football players. He Asian antagonist is Kim Jong Un, a dangerous, possibly crazy, North Korean leader who at the moment seems to be the saner of the two men. Trump calls Kim “rocket man.” Kim refers to Trump as a “dotard.” Yes that’s utterly childish, but then again, so is Kim’s outburst. These are the leaders of two nations with catastrophe-causing weaponry, and they sound like first-graders. It would be amusing it it didn’t carry such potentially tragic implications.

So how to deal with Kim? Ignore or humiliate him publicly. Look instead to the Republican health care proposal, a woebegone bill that no one believes is a good bill. Trump wants it passed just so he can claim he’s won something after losing most everything he’s proposed (think immigration the wall, etc.) mever since he got into office.

Which brings us to this: Trump says he’s disinviting the NBA champion Golden State Warriors from a possible White House visit. Trump says because the players indicate a lack of enthusiasm for meeting the President, he is “withdrawing the invitation.” The catch here? The White House has never extended an invitation to be accepted or rejected.

Trump is a foolish, small-minded, pitifully incompetent person. A disgrace. America is much the worse for his administration.