Another rat left the festering sewer that is Donald Trump’s White House today. This time is was Steve Bannon whose departure will not be bemoaned, mostly because it still leaves the chief architect of division and disgust in office.

And how long will Trump’s uncontrolled incompetence, stupidity, cowardice and mental impairment continue to roil America? The answer, sadly, seems to be until a few people in the Republican Party decide to put their country before their party. And that prospect seems dim indeed. Republicans are choosing to condemn Trump’s words and activities without naming him, but they clearly have no intention of taking the kinds of actions that are required to push Trump out of office.

In other words, there are no profiles in courage to be seen anywhere in today’s GOP. The Republicans will do anything to hang on to their offices, and they are frightened that acting on Trump will cost them political office. It might. Of course, it would be the right thing to do for America, but as we say, courage is in short supply these days, even as the White House becomes more and more mired in scandal and immorality.