Erratic and Dangerous

I believe Donald Trump is responsible for activities many might consider illegal. I believe he is increasingly a morally bankrupt man, incapable of the sort of judgment we expect of our Presidents. I believe he has shown himself so far to be incompetent to the job to which was was elected (by a minority of American voters).

His behavior is increasingly erratic and alarming. And I’ll be blunt about it: I am scared for our country in this administration, and not just because of Donald Trump’s disgusting, dangerous antics but because he continues to labor with the general backing of spineless Republicans in Congress.

There is little to be said of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan, whose waffling over Trump’s probably unconstitutional actions makes them seem almost as guilty. They continue to aid and abet Trump by not speaking out forcefully, apparently because they lack a backbone for anything but their own sad re-elections.

There is so much shame to go around in Washington. And outside, too. there are too many voters who helped elect Trump and whose disinclination to speak out about his behaviors raises troubling questions about the mind and heart of the American electorate.

For the rest of us, the challenge is to do something and not just whine. Join a group opposing Trump. Become a candidate or support candidates who oppose Trumpism. Give money to the who fight Trump. Give time to those who work against Trump. Speak up and speak loudly. Do what you legally can — it is in the best interests of this country we live and which is in the midst of betrayal by an aging narcissist who cannot and will not see beyond the limits of his miserably swollen ego.