Bye-Bye Bill

Bill O’Reilly is gone from Fox News. Who knew there could be something about Fox News to cheer?

Actually, of course, O’Reilly isn’t a journalist for Fox News. He’s a commentator, a blowhard and a terrible writer whose deeds finally caught up with him. O’Reilly, it seems has been a serial sexual harasser. The network paid over $13 million to settle out-of-court accusations by five women (and counting) that they were sexually harassed by him in recent years. When that news was reported by The New York Times several weeks ago, O’Reilly’s days were numbered.

But they weren’t numbered by the Times’ disclosures, of course. No, what did O’Reilly in were advertisers on his highly rated Fox program who decided to withdraw their money from the show. Faced with a staggering loss of revenue, Fox officials caved and decided they had to boot O’Reilly. The fact that he was revealed to be a creep no doubt made that decision easier, but this was an action taken in the name of economics.

So there are some important lessons here. When confronted by fakes and frauds, the power of the dollar remains ascendant. Donald Trump is incompetent and ignorant, but that won’t be his undoing (unless he does something that seems treasonous even to the slackest members of the Republican Party). Nope, what will ultimately get to Trump is his refusal to be financially accountable, to disconnect his business interests from the country’s interests. He lacks even a shred of ethics, and that will be what leads us, mercifully, away from a Trump administration. Let’s just hope it comes sooner rather than later.