He’s Number One!!

Maybe you missed these feel-good news items….

— A rhinoceros poacher in South Africa died after he was stomped by an elephant and eaten by lions. True.

— A robber-wanna-be held up a store in Washington state and was making off with money when he accidentally shot himself when he got stuck in the door on the way out. Really happened.

— Donald Trump told French firemen fighting the Notre Dame Cathedral fire they should use flying water tankers. Of course he did.

It’s hard to categorize the levels of stupidity shown in these three extremely unrelated instances. But Donald Trump’s feeble-minded ideas are on some heretofore unimagined planet of incompetence. On the leaderboards of lying, hypocrisy and corruption, Trump rides high. And now he claims a title for just plain stupid.

In other news…

Utah just legalized sex before marriage. Wow, talk about the cart pulling the horse.

And Kentucky has just outlawed bestiality. That right – they JUST made having sex with animals illegal. Not sure whether that accounts for Kentucky’s population growth — or its decline.

more to come….