A Quick End to Unity?

Well, the admittedly far-fetched notion of political unity apparently didn’t last even 24 hours for President Trump. He had barely finished his decent call for national togetherness when he launched a series of twitter feeds in which he reminded us of what a small-minded man he is.

In his tweets — the basis of which was to proclaim his victimhood in the on-going and deepening Russian collusion investigation — the President once again called out “crooked Hillary,” a continuation of the baseless slur he directed at his Democratic opponent in the 2016 election campaign.

He did this in the quick wake of the Democrats Versus Republicans baseball game, which generated at least a few hours of relief from rank partisanship in the Congress. Of course, leadership usually falls from the top, but in this instance the basest lies at the top. We apparently can expect no “unifying” follow-ups from Mr. Trump.

Only yesterday I was expressing hope, hope that the shooting of Congressman Steve Sclalise would produce something — anything — that might temper the tone of our politics. But with the President showing so quickly his disdain for any kind of reconciliation, there is no reason to expect there will be any meaningful changes.

So, full steam ahead, sad to say; rancor, partisanship and all their nasty companions are on the way back. Thank you Mr. President.